What is Evaporative Cooling


Evaporative Cooling =

Just like a sea breeze keeps you cool at the beach on a hot day, Breezair natural air conditioning uses the power of evaporation to cool your home


Evaporative Cooling


Evaporative air conditioning uses evaporation to cool the air. In an evaporative cooler, such as Breezair, a pump circulates water from the reservoir on to a cooling pad, which in turn becomes very wet. A fan draws air from outside the unit through the moistened pad. As it passes through the pad the air is cooled by evaporation. The key to effective evaporative cooling is ensuring that each of the cooling pads are completely saturated at all times during operation and that the systems fan & motor are sized and designed to deliver the appropriate airflow for the home.

All Breezair units feature advanced technology and a range of clever design features that combine to achieve the highest cooling performance of any comparable air conditioner.



 - Breezair Icon Series

Breezair Icon Series

 - Breezair Supercool Series

Breezair Supercool Series

 - Coolair CPQ Series

Coolair CPQ Series

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